Standardization rules for TiO2 nanoparticles and films performances in photocatalysis.

The photocatalytic properties of TiO2  NPs can be used to develop processes for the abatement of refractory air and water pollutants achieving complete mineralization.

TiO2 NPs are inexpensive and may be integrated into different materials, photocatalytic systems, and surfaces. They are not limited to large-scale applications but may also be applied in houses, hospitals, or offices for disinfection or the degradation of water and indoor air pollutants.

The main problem is the absence of a clear definition of photocatalytic activity and of standard methods able to fully characterize the performances of new photocatalysts.

Traceable measurements methods and standards, probing all aspect of the photocatalytic process, developed by SETNanoMetro will allow proper comparison of functional properties of photoactive materials. Design rules relating properties at NPs level and functional properties of nano‐enabled systems will boost performance improvements.

In detail the following aspects will be considered:

  • Photocatalysis at the nanometer scale

  • Development of standards measurement procedures and candidate reference materials for photocatalysis

  • Correlating functional properties and active species production at the macroscopic and nanometer scale: Design Rules to optimize photocatalityc activity for the desired application