Workpackages Description

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SETNanoMetro project activities deployment is organized in 11 WPs, each divided in a number of tasks. These have been defined by the consortium with the scope of gathering with logical interconnections and proper timings. Four main groups of activities can be identified:

1) laboratory research and technology development for the synthesis, assembling and characterization at metrological level of TiO2 NPs (WP1 to WP4);

2) production of Standard Operating Procedures and candidate reference materials for functional metrology on selected applications of TiO2 NPs and nano-enabled systems (WP5 to WP7);

3) the demonstration activities for the scale-up of the synthetic methods and prototypes for photocatalytic activity and photovoltaic conversion (DSSC) (WP8)

4) dissemination and exploitation of the project foreground (WP9).

All activities will be backed-up by the administrative and financial management (WP10), as well as by the overall scientific and technical coordination (WP11).

The logical phases of SETNanoMetro move from single nanoparticles with defined shape and size to their controlled assembly, both characterized at metrological level in order to produce innovative systems for functional metrology in three relevant applicative domains.